"Reading is an extremely

complex, cognitive task"

Andrés Marín

Breaking up the process of learning to read into small and simpler skills will accelerate the learning process. Skills are separately mastered and rebuilt focusing on full comprehension of the written text. It all becomes manageable for a young and malleable mind.


Combination of auditive, visual, kinetic and haptic information to unequivocally correspond to a phoneme. A unique Kinestem exists for each phoneme of a language.

Kinestems in the news


The use of kinestems makes the symptoms of phonological dyslexia more difficult to appear.
Since the movement of the kinestem sequence is clear for the child , the order of the letters is not altered in reading.

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What teachers say about us

My daugther was very fortunate to participate in the first school to put into practice LEK by Kinestems in what used to be my chilhood pre-k, using the forefront of pedagogic learning research teaching how movement, senses, play, and learning always go together. She was reading before the end of the school year! Congratulations on this way of teaching, it gives hope for a better education system

Scientifically tested,
teacher approved

Kinestem is a scientific, researched learning method backed by early-learning professionals.

After putting it to the test in classrooms around the world, this is the feedback that we received.

Gesture supported reading

Student using kinestems to help learn enunciation, committing sound, sign and meaning to memory.