Modern research in cognitive psychology demonstrates that we use a different part of the brain for phonics than for comprehension. The brain has two very different ways, phonological and lexical, to access written information (Coltheart, 1981). When you learn to read Spanish using a phonological method only,  you start by accessing meaning indirectly, which does not lead to comprehension only to decoding.  Kinestemas® uses multiple senses in the process of reading: audio information, visual information, tactile information and kinesthetic information. The emergent reader has four different sensory channels to access written information. The methodology is developed by a set of learning procedures and systematic evaluation and allows for students to access phonics and comprehension simultaneously.

Among the most used reading programs is the Modelo simple de la lectura (Alegría, 2006) or in English Simple Model of Reading (Gough and Tunmer, 1986).
This model explains reading comprehension (CL) as the result of the decoding (D) and the general understanding of the language (CGL).
Decoding is the operations that allow reading the text and understanding.
General Language is the one we use to understand a person who speaks to us.
So, with the above elements,
we can express the following correspondence:



That is, the Reading Comprehension is equal to Decoding Multiplied by Understanding
General of Language. Although the relationships in the above formula could be altered (for example, by adding D to CGL instead of multiplying, or with any other
variation), it is clear that without the decoding and understanding of language, it is impossible to achieve
reading comprehension. Therefore, both factors should be taken into account when we propose to teach to read. We cannot expect any reading comprehension if the student lacks oral comprehension of language. If one does not understand oral Spanish, one cannot comprehend written Spanish.

On the other hand, if the student is not able  to decode (D = 0), although the oral comprehension is good, reading comprehension will not happen.